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The Observatory

The website of the Catalan Health System Observatory includes the main information products produced by the agents of the health system of Catalonia, making its location, query and access in different formats, including open data. The Catalan Health System Observatory (OSSC) is also the space where other specific observatories including their services: The Centre for Innovation in Health Management in Catalonia, currently in operation, and the Observatories of prescriptions and practitioners of future creation.. The Catalan Agency for Health Quality and Evaluation (AQuAS) is responsible for coordinating the OSSC, under the Health Plan 2011-2015 (available in Catalan)  

Results Centre

The Results Centre measures and assesses the health and quality results obtained by health service agents, and makes knowledge of its findings available. It is a quantitative product aimed at decision making and allows comparisons to be made, creating a “results map” for the health service. The Results Centre offers the following services:

  • To obtain regular knowledge about the health service
  • To compare entities
  • Allows analyses of the system and the regions

Each of the indicators measured is clearly defined, and the regional and temporary scope is technically robust as a result of comparative and trends based analysis. The indicators are grouped in conceptual areas of analysis (health status, care quality, efficiency and sustainability), and are compared based on care lines or service provision, regions, and suppliers, and broken down by age and sex.

Health and crisis

The Catalan Health System Observatory (OSSC) offers managers, professionals, researchers and the public the information needed to improve understanding of the health sector and facilitate accountability and decision-making through transparency, the assessment and benchmarking

Observatory of Innovation in Healthcare Management in Catalonia

Observatory of Innovation in Healthcare Management in Catalonia has the objective of collecting, validating, organizing and releasing the knowledge created, mainly within the healthcare system, based on the multiple innovative experiences they are developing.


On pageHealth indicators and publications you will find the indicators and publications on the main aspects of the Catalan population health: health declared, causes of mortality, the health system activity.

Health information

 The Government of Catalonia is committed to the opening of public data, with the aim of making data transparent in the eyes of the general public, as well as promoting the use and reuse of the information produced by the administration. The data are pooled in a common portal as required by the standards promoted by the international body W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). The Gencat open data project thereby conforms with the international Open Data trends and is governed by the privacy, safety and property limitations in each case, in accordance with the Governmental agreement of November 2010.


The Catalan Ministry of Health is working to ensure that many of the data gathered from the Observatory, and other data of interest to the health sector, follow the opening process in coordination with the Gencat portal, where you can now consult all the archives available related to health issues. The released archives also allow the use of visualization and monitoring tools, for example ‘DiagnostiCat’, a Catalan Health Institute portal that displays in almost real time the diagnosis data for diseases being produced in the vast majority of primary healthcare centres in Catalonia.